Hodgman® Logo Fish Species 5 inch Decal

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$3.99 $2.79
  • Die cut design ensures no boarder around logo
  • Mix and match fish your favorite fish species inside the logo (steelhead, striper, trout, salmon or redfish)
  • Simply swap out the fish to customize your logo (see application instructions for details)
  • 4 inch tall x 3.5 inch wide decal size 
Improve the looks of your favorite truck, car or boat with the Hodgman® logo decal. The customized design allows you to interchange your favorite species inside the logo. Choose from steelhead, striper, arctic grayling, salmon or redfish art to create your own unique design. 

This decal isn’t an ordinary sticker; the die cut design ensures there isn’t a clear boarder that shows around the edge of the sticker. Additionally it installs on the outside face of any windshield so it is the perfect choice for tinted windows. 
Hodgman® Logo Fish Species 5 inch Decal
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    $3.99 $2.79
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