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H-Lock™ Sole (WadeTech)

H-Lock™ Sole (WadeTech)

Selecting the optimum sole for various river and surf conditions can make difference between a great day in the water versus wading while not knowing what the next step might bring. Wade with confidence because the Hodgman™ H-Lock™ interchangeable sole system is designed to allow anglers to adapt to any condition.

To remove soles simply lift the tab located on the front inside edge of the sole and depress the button located at the rear of the shoe. Then twist the sole off of the shoe. It’s that simple.

Other removable sole systems can work themselves free over time, flap open in sticky mud or have attachment straps that can break. The H-Lock interchangeable sole system locks into place until you decide that it’s time to change your sole and ensures a secure fit.

Now you can buy one pair of shoes for various wading conditions. Utilize a studded sole one day for added grip in treacherous terrains, then switch to a non-studded sole the next when drift boating your favorite river. Trading out felt soles between rivers or switching to another sole type can help stop the spread of invasive species. Please refer to local regulations on the use of felt soles. DISCLAIMER: No Hodgman sole is intended to protect users or others against disease-causing organisms.